'Awaken Yourself Through A Body Mind Spirit Transformation' 

I've been practicing energy and self awareness applications for 20+ years. My work today is a compilation of years of growth and expansion. The opportunity to further increase vibrational awareness and align you with a healthy, vibrant state of well being that  is a deeply collaborative process for me and my clients.

Drawing on your individual willingness and understanding to deepen and expand from within, this program for energetic living is self-organizing. Supporting you at any stage of development, it empowers you to deepen Source connection, while learning to maintain and integrate core connections for yourself incorporating the tools and guidance  every step along the way. 

Those of you that I've already joined on your journey are the groundbreakers of a Loving Benevolent Universe, supporting a deeper practice living life intuitively and consciously. 

As the path before us has been unfolding, my joy has been to share the infinite wisdom and freedom that comes with dissolving the veils of illusion.

To thrive even more effortlessly along this journey it is important that we become accountable to our Higher Self frequency and its discernment. This discernment is surfacing in many, many ways and ready to be embraced consciously in order to experience True, Authentic Living.

There are many choices along the path to dissolve long-standing issues that keep us looking outside of ourselves. These choices are living consciously with a commitment to our Higher Self to move from operating outside our awareness to cultivating a system of checks and balances from inside relying more and more on our own intuitive guidance system.

I invite you to embody your intuitive awareness and begin to use your 6th sense in each moment. Recognizing how your Intuitive awareness and knowingness is internally guiding you in new directions, to incorporate innovative ways to explore new possibilities to thrive.

Peace, Blessings and 

Unconditional  Love,


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 Located in Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ

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